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  由中国科学院主办,中国科学院沈阳应用生态研究所和国家林业局三北防护林建设局承办的 “2018国际防护林学研讨会将于201881-5日在辽宁沈阳举行,热烈欢迎国内外相关领域的专家学者与会。大会网站(现已开放,请及时注册、提交摘要和预定宾馆。本次大会不收取注册费,统一安排食宿(费用自理),具体详情请关注大会网站信息。   


  • 防护林构建研究(防护林规划设计、营建、保护、政策及社会经济) 
  • 防护林经营研究(抚育、更新、结构调控、衰退机制、修复原理及防护林生态) 
  • 防护林评估研究(生态环境效应评估、小气候评估、生态服务) 
  • 全球变化与防护林(全球变化背景下防护林学发展方向:响应、适应与可持续) 
  • 三北防护林工程40周年展览(展示三北防护林工程40周年的主要成就)   


    2018 International Conference on Protective Forests 

  The conference will be held in Shenyang, China during August 1-5, 2018. It is organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and hosted by the Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Bureau to Construct Protection Forest in Northwest North & Northeast Regions of China, State Forestry Administration. As the host of the conference, we would like to welcome scientists, educators, practitioners, policy-makers, and students working in the science of protective forest and related fields, to attend this meeting.The conference website ( has been opened for registration, abstract submission and hotel accommodations booking. There is no registration fee for this conference, but conference attendants are expected to cover their travel, accommodations, and the cost of the post-conference field tour.Please visit the conference website for the detailed information. 

  Thematic Topics  

  •  Construction and Development of Protective Forests (planning, afforestation, protection, policy and social economics) 
  •  Management of Protective Forests (silviculture and ecology) 
  •  Assessment of Protective Forests (environmental rehabilitation, ecological service, and microclimate)  
  •  Protective Forests and Global Climate Change (adaptation, mitigation, and resilience) 
  •  Commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Three-North Afforestation Program (achievement exhibition, field trip) 
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